As a parent, we try to give our children the best that we can. For me, I thrive on memories- the good, the bad and the in between. So the things that matter most to me or experiences and emotions. Buying gifts for my children can be fun, but I find so much more enjoyment watching them doing something in the ordinary to the extraordinary. Being able to capture those moments during that time is what makes my momma heart happy. Those are the moments that I love seeing framed on my walls or tucked away in an album. These are the things my family talks about over and over again.

My children love to see their memories in photos and we can talk about that day or moment for hours – talking about how that moment made them feel or what they loved about that day.

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One year, my husband surprised us one evening and told us to pack a bag for 4 days. He was taking us on a trip, but it was a secret to where we were going. We were all very excited and as soon as we could we packed the car and headed out into the darkness and followed the stars. We ended up visiting the Redwood forest, camping in the middle of the massive trees and then spending days chasing the coast line and playing in the sand and waves. It was the best trip we have taken as a family and we have so much fun looking back at those photos. I love hearing my kids tell me how BIG the trees were or how the sand felt in their toes. And as I am able to look at these photos, I get to see their excitement and wonderment.




child photographer, child photography, coeur d'Alene Idaho photographer, documentary, lifestyle


Storyteller Sessions are special and unique because it isn’t about making a moment perfect, but it is about making the moment a memory. From playtime with play-doh to family traditions – you can have any moment captured to tell your story.

We easily get caught up in worrying about the BIG moments in life – when you have a baby, baby’s first birthday, first day of school, but think of all the wonderful things that happen in between those moments.

Storyteller Sessions are available either in your home or on location. Your session includes your session time which depending on the children ages can be from 1 hour up to 2+ hours (depending on your moment you want captured) and also includes a digital collection of images.


add a 8.5×11 50 page storybook album or 1 mounted 16×20 image -$200




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