It was a party fit for a princess. Pink and gold and stars decorated their home. And in the middle of the table sat the most delicious and glittery cupcakes I have ever tasted. All of the treats were incredible and all done by hand by this little girl’s momma.

Meet baby Clara. She is loved like crazy and smiles for what seems like all the time. She adores her big brother and creates the most adorable facial expressions.

For her birthday, I was invited out to document her big day. She was surrounded with many friends and family who each gave Clara a time capsule wish and blessing.

Clara’s parents wanted to do something memorable for her, so they created a time capsule box and filled it with keepsake items and special notes for her to open and read on her 18th birthday. This special video is a Pure Moments Film from her big birthday party but also a special film for her to watch as she grows up. What makes this video special is she will be able to hear special words from her big brother, her momma and her daddy.

The video touching and for me, even a little emotional. Take a moment to watch this Pure Moments Film – A Birthday Celebration.

Your First Birthday from Jax Creations Photography on Vimeo.