She is sweet, gentle, kind, loving and has a heart of pure tenderness. She is Michelle from Pend Oreille Health Care located here in Sandpoint Idaho. Michelle was recently voted as one of the best businesses here in Sandpoint which was featured here in the Daily Bee.

I have been blessed to know Michelle and her family for years and I have watched her babies grow up to be these sweet and fun children. Since being back in Sandpoint, I wanted to do something a little bit fun as a THANK YOU for supporting Jax Creations Photography. So we headed out to town square for some sun and fountain fun!

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, Child photographer

Summer. The season of fresh fruits and the pleasure of enjoying every day simplicity.

I took a visit up to my sister in laws house and this amazing tree she has in her front yard was fully covered in beautiful golden apricots. The boys were picking them and using them as bombs toward each other and they got extra points if the fruit opened up on them. But I saw sunshine dripping from the limbs and knew that baking with these little pockets of sun would have to be delicious.

Apricot_Jax Creations Photography_5449


I watched the sun come up this morning and it was a beautiful sight. To be here is God’s country – in all His glory. Breathtaking.

Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, July, Flag

This fourth of July I will be the stick-in-the-mud parents that says no to fireworks, for no other reason then I am not medicated enough to take 5 kids to a lake, on my own, at night. I will however be so thankful for all the blessings I do have and think of my brother as much as I can today as he is serving our military away from home.

We have all seen, witnessed, listened or said something, but let us not forget our true colors!


Jax Creations Photography, Sandpoint Idaho, July, Flag


For a moment you caught me in the middle of singing “I love Summer” from Frozen. This season is one of my favorites. It screams childhood from deep within my heart and soul. Pool parties, lake side beaches, friends, BBQ’s, sun tans, bug bites, late nights, and star gazing on the comfort of the porch. And then there is the food. Oh summer food- yum yum. Burgers, hot dogs, bbq chicken, salads, watermelon, ice cream, fruit pies and cakes.

One of my childhood memories is of a summer when I was about 10 or 12. We lived in Florida at that time and would visit our aunt, who at that age, looked like a mansion she had. Large front yard, even bigger back yard with a pool, 2 story garage and 2 cousins. We would spend the day outside playing, running, laughing and of course playing in the pool. As the evening would continue on, the adults would gather in the parlor and play cards while us smaller kids had to go find something to do. They wouldn’t noticed till half way through their card game and we snuck back in there to hide under the table to listen in on their conversations. When there game ended, we would head out the front door to run and play with the sparklers. All the cousins in the family would gather as we shrieked and laughed and just enjoyed what summer was for us.

It is amazing what you can remember in the past- even with a song being played or the way the air smells at a certain time. I would love for you to share here in the comments a favorite summer memory for you.


Have You Heard…..

If you have been keeping up on my facebook page and blog you have noticed that things are quiet. I decided earlier this year that I needed to take a sabbatical- for my family and for myself. I needed to dig deep within and find my meanings to my photographs.

Also in that moment, God opened a new door up for us. The door that says “welcome home”. In a blink of an eye, we packed up and moved to Sandpoint Idaho with us traveling back and forth to Kennewick Washington until a home that would fit us would open up. Honestly, I was doing well with just letting things happen as they are to. I was doing great with not trying to control it all, but I am only human and that lasts as long as it could. Yes, I admit, I can be a little dramatic, but I felt like going to be stuck in limbo longer than we thought it would be. There were nights of tears and I finally gave up my control again and just handed all over to Him. It is amazing the things you are blessed with when you fall back on your knees and just ask and give it all back. Because that next day…. A miracle happened for us!

Long story short- and thanks to 2 AMAZING women who helped made this all happen- we have moved into our new home- it is big enough for us all, we are away from peeking neighbors and property to roam around. It is my little piece of God’s Heaven. A beautiful front porch that I truly love to sit on, feeling the breeze on my face and just watch the trees and the flowers dance. A place big enough for newborn sessions and cake smash sessions, a field that is incredible for little ones to explore and families to get their year photo for the holidays!

JAX CREATIONS IS OPEN and accepting appointments NOW!!

Limited Edition Summer Sessions are available during Saturday or Sunday for the month of Julywater babies, sandpoint idaho, kennewick wa, richland wa, swimming, jax creations photography

Either at a pool, splash park or the beach, watching your little one play is such a gift.

Schedule your WATERBABY Session

water baby, beach session, jax creations photography, sandpoint idaho

Or let’s head out to the fields. Open grass to flowers.

The perfect place to roam free and be silly.

Field Fun, Jax Creations Photography, sandpoint Idaho, child photography

Schedule your IN THE FIELD session

Jax Creations Photography, child photography, sandpoint idaho

Or get a little crazy and let them get messy. Grab some watermelon or some non toxic paint

and watch them go crazy. You too will enjoy, laugh and want to jump in!

watermelon smash sessions, jax creations photography, sandpoint Id, beach, lake


Schedule your WATERMELON SMASH session

Pig Party_city beach_ice cream, sandpoint idaho, jax creations photography

and finally…. the option for a newborn mini session. Please contact me for more info. Full newborn session receives a gift and complimentary maternity session.

Contact me for more info


newborn mini session, newborn photography, sandpoint Idaho, jax creations photography

Newborn sessions are all set up for new little ones starting July 1. Newborn sessions include a gallery for your phone or tablet and a complimentary mini maternity session. Maternity sessions are best booked between7-8 months and newborns are best photographed between 5-10 days old. And I have even added an option for a mini newborn session – either in the hospital as you and your little one are in recovery or either in my home.


I am excited to continue seeing all these adorable faces as I have in the past but I am also looking forward to meeting new little faces.

If you have any questions on new policies or products or to book a session, please feel free to contact me anytime. Email is usually the best way to reach me as we are still enjoying our summer as a family for as long as we can.


Let’s go have some fun Sandpoint!!