October 18, 2014

Hello my lovies. I thought it was time to give an update on life.


Sunday morning I woke up in extreme pain- I was throwing up, couldn’t stop using the bathroom and worst of all bleeding- so much bleeding. I could hardly get off the floor. Back in April during our biggest family vacation ever, I had got C-Diff – which has got to be the worst tummy bug EVER! I thought for sure I had a flare up. This was terrible. I was suppose to second shoot a wedding later that morning and I couldn’t even talk clear enough to my hubby to give me some kind of help.

After multiple tests I finally got word that yes it was c-diff again. But I was just sent home. Over the next few days things seemed to have gotten worse. I was no longer throwing up and no fever- which was great but the bleeding was worse. There are some things that are just not normal- and this was so past normal. SO back to the doctors for more tests.

The tummy pain is ridiculous and I can’t stomach anything more than Gatorade and toast. I kept thinking that the silver lining would be that I would lose some weight- yah!! Well by the look of me, I look pregnant. Lots of bloating- blagh! I lived on sleeping pills for most of the week- just to ignore the pain in it all. Finally my doctor called me yesterday- to her my test results did say c-diff and she was concerned of the bleeding and bloating as well. Things just don’t sound “normal”. Back on medication and a trip to the ER was her plan. But of course she had to throw in a few scares of “eruption” and “fecal transplant” in there. I am sorry, but, WTF?! Fecal transplant?! I don’t even like to admit to my hubby that I pass gas or even have bowel movements! Of course we had to goggle it and I seriously was gagging as he was reading it to me.

I sat in the ER for 4 hours. Tons of blood work and a CAT scan. The stupid IV they gave me so was painful that after 4 hours everything that was touching me was an issue. Still going to the bathroom every 2 hours- still bleeding- still tummy pain, but because everything came back normal, I was sent home, told to rest, stick to the BRAT diet, and to contact a GI doctor on Monday. Funny thing is that the doctor I saw last night said both times I was tested for c-diff in April and now, are negative. So that just left me more confused. Why one doctor would say positive and another say negative.

My hubby has had to stay home all week and be the main caregiver in the house and he is doing amazing, but I can see the wear and tear on him. He is exhausted- not only from doing everything but also with having no answers with my health issues. And it feels silly to complain when I know it could be worse and I have friends that are suffering with worse conditions than I. These 4 walls of mine are getting smaller, the patience in the house is thin, and I honestly can’t stand the way the house looks. The dishes are piled up, the laundry- OH MY GAWD so much laundry, dinner for my kids have been what a bachelor would dine on… but everyone is trying and they give me loves every day and pray that today is the day that I will be able to do more than laying in bed. Funny how in all this mess, I still feel blessed.

Fear has overcome me on many days this week but the thing that keeps popping up right behind that feeling of fear is the message to be Brave.


Thank you to everyone that has said prayers and well wishes and patience to the clients that have had to deal with scheduling issues. Loves and hugs to all of you!

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Growing up I dreamed of having a sister- in fact I used to make my brother dress up and dance with me – he was never really fond of my bossiness. Go figure. Well I still have moments where I wish I had a sister- someone to call, go shopping with, talk about our babies, someone to hug and understand me. I am grateful though, that I do have friends and a hubby that can fill those needs.

This momma has something special- daughters! I had so much fun with them during our session. They had fun to as they kept coming up with their own “poses”- it was simply adorable! Here is a sneak peek into our session.


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Jax Creations Photography, Child photography, fort collins colorado, Denver Colorado, baby photography






Jax Creations Photography, Child photography, fort collins colorado, Denver Colorado, baby photography







Jax Creations Photography, Child photography, fort collins colorado, Denver Colorado, baby photography