Sunday. A great day to be filled with the glory of God and have lunch with friends and or family. So there we sit, at a lovely Italian local restaurant that I dearly love because of the gluten free options, and my children are nicely playing with their play-doh and noodle necklaces… and us adults are having a pretty deep discussion about our fears in life.  Suddenly I hear over the voice of another adult talking, “GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! MOOOOOM! Jack has a piece of gum!” My attention was quickly halted from a lovely adult conversation to the now shrieking of one of my older kids pointing his finger at his little brother and then begins to tell me…..


“MOM! Jack found a piece of gum under the table and it’s in his mouth!”


I check my mom-o-meter before shrieking my own words to him and asked him with a worried eye, that is now twitching thinking of the the horror of what could actually be happening. My 4 year – sweet, adventurous, always curious son, opens his mouth to show me the gum that he is chewing.

From there is all seemed like a slow motion film as I am trying to utter the words “SPIT THAT OUT!!”. By this time even my non-germ-a-phob hubby has his eyebrows crossed and telling him loudly to spit it out. At that moment all I could do was break out in laughter. Which was then followed by all the other kids laughing which in turn, made my 4 year old break down in tears and try to hide.

I am completely horrified and thinking of all the nasty things that are now all in his mouth, but I can’t stop laughing. I really should not be surprised by his actions as this is the child that has always licked and eaten the weirdest things. For example.. He has licked concrete, pavement, sidewalks, bugs, eaten grass to be like the dog, licked the walls, windows, faces and anything else his little tongue could reach.

After I gained my composure, I don’t know why, but I made my little man drink lots of water and then dunk his hands in the water so I could wipe them clean. Like I said- no idea why- the damage was already done.


Today’s lesson in life – hmmm I honestly have no idea. At this moment I am just praying he is blessed with an extremely strong immune system.


What has been the weirdest thing your child has licked or eaten?? I know I am not alone ;)

Happy Monday Ya’ ll . It is Monday – Perfect day to share some Reviews.

Today’s review is about another movie I recently watch. It is great to watch as a family or just with kids. It is also a great movie to sit around and have some open discussion.

Allergy season. The season where leaving my house is probably the most miserable thing possible. My eyes so itchy and swollen that the thought of plucking them out with a crab fork sounds so appealing. My throat itches and I make funny noises to give it some kind of relief, but I scratch it so bad that I end up making it bleed at least one a day. The sneezing. Oh man… I heard once that sneezing is comparable to an orgasm. Oddly enough, I have never sneezed during allergy season begging to sneeze again. I think someone has their scientific facts a little off.

If I do have to venture outside, I wish wearing swimming goggles were not such an odd attraction on my face and I was able to place myself in a bubble so that darn cotton wood fluff stuff did not try to attack my face. I give you permission this allergy season that if our paths cross, it is ok to pretend you don’t know me. I usually look like a beat up piece of meat.

Today was a rough allergy day. Even though my stayed indoors, our windows were open and I tried to do a little cleaning which activated all my dust bunnies around the house. Good times right there. So I loaded up on benedryl and eye drops and just couldn’t and didn’t want to do anymore than that. I eventually fell asleep.

But now, 12:30am and I am not able to go back to bed and my eyes feel like I have a fine 240 grip nail file in the corners of my eyes. I needed something to distract myself. I opted for watching a movie that I have been eyeing – Miracles From Heaven.

AMAZING and beautiful story.

And it got me thinking – Do you believe in miracles? I for surely do!! Whole heartily. I have never witnessed a blind man see or the deaf to speak, but each day I believe I have some sort of miracle- God’s little blessings. I have experienced big blessing like still having my daughter after being extremely ill, my son breathing again after terrible asthma attacks, kids surviving dog attacks, blows to the head, ingesting poisonous items… each of those were blessed with a miracle and each day I am grateful for God for each gift he gives me.


MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN is based on the incredible true story of the Beam family. When Christy (Jennifer Garner) discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution. After Anna has a freak accident, an extraordinary miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family restored and their community inspired. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment


Do you ever stop to think in you daily life of the people you meet another the way- if they are angles to give you a smile when you need it the most, someone taking time from your busy schedule just to talk to you about something silly to find out that the time you were trying to get a way from that person, that car accident down the road- could have been you!

Why are people ashamed to believe in miracles?

Have you ever encountered a miracle- big or small. I would love to hear about your story. Please, I invite you to leave a comment here on the blog and show other that miracles are real.


It’s Friday again! I feel like this Friday totally crept up on me. There is no school for us today and so far things are calm, but I know as soon as I venture out of my room to get a refill on my coffee and I spy the breakfast mess the kids created in the kitchen – this volcano will erupt. But it won’t last for long because I will either get a serge of energy or one of my older kids will step in and make that little spot in the house, a little cleaner.


Years ago, I attended a MOPS retreat which was very amazing and the most fun and rewarding event I have been to as a mom, but one of the classes and speakers I was able to see was Julie Barnhill. She is funny, witty and have been where we moms have been before.

She has many books and videos out and I recommend you treat yourself to something of hers as I bet you will enjoy it – even if it only bathroom reading.

Today I am going to share with you one of her videos about how different we can “erupt” when it comes to parenting. I personally am the timely volcano. I too believe my kids make a plan to see who is going to be the one that can make me feel bat shit crazy at that moment. At least they are thinking of me :)

It’s FRIDAY!!!!! Technically it’s 3:45am on Friday and since I am not able to sleep, I have been passing time by watching funny things on YouTube.

We don’t have regular tv so I do not get to watch Ellen anymore, but once in a while I will get lucky because someone shares a funny moment. As I was digging through some funny clips, I came upon this clip – about funny things kids have written or drew. Hang in the till the last letter she shares- it is funny

Kids Art- Ellen Show

Leave a comment or photo of something funny either you did as a kid or that your kid has done.

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