I simply LOVE it when I instantly connect with a client. It really is such a joy and a blessing. This sweet momma found me on facebook during my January New Baby Model Call. I held newborn sessions in January, in my home studio in Spirit Lake Idaho,  to showcase new babies born 2016 and to update my galleries, print material and blog. And every baby that came to see me was awesome! Anywho, this momma and I chatted via facebook during the end of her pregnancy and contacted me the day she came home to schedule her session. I was ready to go…

…and then I had my surgery and I became stubborn. The healing process was smoother than a C-Section but I still struggled and pushed myself and had to reschedule this sweet little baby as I thought an infection was starting to brew. If at anytime I become sick or my children do and I have a newborn session coming, I will always reschedule for the protection of baby.

Finally I got to meet this momma and her sweet baby Layne and he was so sweet with the perfect side of chunk. Squishy lips! Layne’s daddy came to the session as well- which I love. There is something so precious watching a daddy hold his baby. We had a great time talking and sharing stories and I captured some sweet moments of their new baby.

Here is a peek into our session.


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Thank you A & C for a great time- I enjoyed getting to know you both and getting some snuggles with Layne. He is handsome!

If you would like to book a session with Jax Creations Photography, the calendar is open for all spring sessions. Newborns are best photographed between 5-14 days old. Maternity sessions are best between your 7 & 8 month. You can also schedule to document your birth story that will showcased back to you in both precious videos and photos.

Jax Creations Photography, located in Spirit Lake Idaho and serving Sandpoint, Couer d’Alene, Hayden Idaho and Spokane Washington and is a proud member of Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy

I am a part of a blogging community that helps each other to stay focus and make a goal to be more active on our blogs. I decided I wanted to be a part of that because I love to write and share things with others, but being an introvert, blogging is just perfect for me. Makes me feel that I am doing something without standing center stage with all eyes on me.

The prompt for this week was to blog about our word we want to focus on – which mine is courage. But another fun prompt was to do some blog tagging. I had to really learn what that meant as that subject went way over my techy head, but basically, it is about connecting with someone in the community and sharing who they are and a recent post that they themselves have written. So I have decided that I am going to try my best to have Tuesdays be my Two For Tuesday blog share. A small blog entry by me and a blog share of someone else!

cinderella-post-printWEBEver since I was a little girl, Cinderella, has been my favorite movie – I even have a record of the soundtrack from the Disney movie. When the new Cinderella came out, I was glued to the screen. I loved everything about it but my favorite part was when her mom told her to “have courage and be kind”. Seems so simple, but having courage can be such a struggle. That is a struggle I live with every day from the big things to the little things (like talking on the phone). I have trouble getting the courage to share with people that I am a baby photographer and that I am deeply passionate about it and that I would love to photograph their little one. I see many moms throughout the week who are doing their grocery shopping just like me, but I get so scared to walk up to them and just share the beauty I see in them and their little one. I am afraid of rejection. I have no courage.

So this year I want to take baby steps in overcoming my fear and having that courage.


12549061_10208208556749823_3509068942946904503_n   Are you asking how this fits in with the Two For Tuesday?? Well,    years ago-     back when I first created Jax Creations Photography, I met a  woman who swooped in my life and made me never forget who she was. She was incredibly sweet and just had this gentle power about her. She was confident! I simply just admired that quality in a person. Thanks to facebook I have been able to keep in contact and read her lovely (always positive) posts. Recently our paths collided again and gratefully so. In one of her posts she shared a blog post which fits so perfectly! Take a peek and meet this wonderful woman!


You can see more of Kimberlee here on facebook

Meeting new babies is always a special treat and one of the things I love to do during the session is to learn how this little one was named. Sometimes the stories simple as that was the name the couple decided one and sometimes their new baby has a family name- after grandparents or someone special…. but sometimes names are given for other interesting reasons.

This sweet little peanut intrigued my baby name interest. I would love to introduce to you, Inara.

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I had to look up the meaning of her name and here is what I found.

It is sometimes claimed to be a feminine form of the Basque masculine name Inar, with the meaning “ray of light”, or a feminine name of Arabic origin with the meaning “heaven sent”.

Beautiful. And the perfect name for this precious baby girl.

During this newborn session here in my home studio located in Spirit Lake, I was finally able to meet this momma who I have heard all about from her momma. Inara has a very proud gramma! I enjoyed our session with baby snuggles and a nice afternoon chatting with another mom. Here is a sneak peek into our session.

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Jax Creations Photography is located in the small town of Spirit Lake Idaho- between Sandpoint Idaho and Couer d’Alene Idaho and a proud member of The Bump Society from Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy.

Jax Creations Photography is booking for Spring babies. Make sure to schedule your newborn session before celebrating your BIRTHday. Babies are best photographed before they reach 2 weeks old.

Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy, baby photographer, Sandpoint Idaho

Memories to me mean everything – and memories go well with pieces of that memory. A ticket stub, dried flower petals, hospital bands, pieces of clothing, photos and anything else that helps bring back those senses of that moment.

I have to admit that with the new year and rebuilding my business due to a new location, I felt that I had to swim in the same sea with everyone. The only thing I learned quickly from that was how unhappy I am to try to fit into that mold. My reasons for doing photography is very personal and my reasons for wanting to document other families with babies and small children is again for the same reasons. I want to give these families a gift of a moment in their life. But these moments are hard to remember when these images are just stored on the computer somewhere.

I used to be huge into scrapbooking and I had made many albums of my first 2 kids and I had wanted to keep doing the same for each of my other children I was going to have. One day, the kids were looking at the library of all these books and one of my kids realized that he did not have a book. In fact, I had only a few images printed out of him. He came to me in tears and he was hurt. I swore at the moment that I would stop putting my all the photos taken just on the computer and make it a point to print them out and start making albums again. I knew how great it was to sit and spend hours looking at albums when I was younger- hearing the stories of family of the things that were documented. Why would I not keep sharing this passion with my clients.

Honestly- because I got scared. I didn’t want to seem like a failure coming back here and not doing what everyone else was doing. What I missed about part of my “job” was sitting down with my clients, showing them on the large screen their beautiful images and sharing with them the beauty of products and how much fun it is to have something tangible for them to have.

I don’t so much push just prints- I want you to have something more- something meaningful. What do I mean by that??

How about a custom album with thick pages that have a beautiful art feel to them.

A wooden keepsake box- handmade here in the US that will hold photos and keepsake items – perfect for holding baby’s first year or a child’s favorite memories, or even a box to hold letters and little things that you can gift to your child on a special birthday.

3D Reel Viewer – this is actually my kids favorite item. Remember back when you were a kid and you had these reels that were 3d. Hold it up to a light and push the shutter to change the photos. I have reels of my son’s first birthday that we look at. Collect a case of reels from all your sessions- it is a great memory keeper!

Canvases and large prints are always fun, but today I would love to introduce you to a new product line

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Photoblock products are wooden blocks with a printed photo on it. The photo is not printed directly on the wood. The edges are rounded and have that beautiful organic feel. Each print on wood is covered with a protection layer which makes it water and light-resistant. The protection layer gives photo blocks an unique hand painted look. They come ready to hang flat on the wall but they can also stand on their own on your furniture.

This product is 100% handmade with a lot of love and care.


So what does this all mean for you as a client… I am bringing back the In-Person Sales Session. Of course you are not required to do so, but this is a fun part of our creation. A moment for us to sit together to discuss more in detail how you want to display your images or create your memory piece. This is also the perfect time to view your images in a lovely presentation… and best of all, have some mommy time!

And so many options are available to circle products- wall collage art – shelf art – sweet necklace

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