This is probably my last session I will ever get with this amazing family. Sadly and yet, exciting, they are getting ready to plant new roots in a new home town over on the East Coast.

It has been so much fun watching this family grow and love from their first new baby to now. I truly am blessed to have such amazing families to photograph and document, but I do admit that this family really knows how to just have fun together, laugh, and make memories!


Recently they invited me over for some family time and breakfast. Here is a little Pure Moments Film of their morning together!


Rise & Shine with the Critchell’s from Jax Creations Photography on Vimeo.



I love making films for families and even for my own family. My kids will sit for hours watching their films and my clients films on the tv. I know this will be something that they will treasure for a very long time.

If you are a photographer and are interested in learning how to create your own films, I highly suggest Emily Mitchell’s class Everyday Films.

The class is full of information and is easy to follow. You can also find Emily on FACEBOOK