Ever so often, I get asked by friends, questions of the trade. “What is the best camera” “how do I use my camera” “what editing programs do you use”…

all wonderful questions. A couple times in the past I had even held little tiny workshops or personal mentoring days where I would be available to answer every question they had and show them some tricks and tips with their camera.

This year, I have been asked to bring it back. In past few months, I have been writing down all the little and big things that I have learned over the years and created a digital PDF that shares how to capture your own little moments in life. Being totally unscripted – being real, raw and in the moment. Because after all, our life is not posed and perfect all the time. In fact, those adorable Instagram photos we all are drawn too – you would be amazed on what life looks like outside those 4 adorable corners.

With every client and friend that asks for advice, I say the same thing.. Just capture the moment! No need for special lights, perfectly ironed clothing or an Anthropology kitchen. Although, I highly admire and drool over those moms that do have those things 😉 but, if you think about what has purpose in life, what makes your heart happy and what sings to your soul… it is the memory of the moment. It is capturing that funny face your baby has started doing, or a funny “pose” or super hero stance your pre-schooler thinks is the most awesome. It can even be the way your teenager looks like as they are in their room being who they are. Life is precious. So precious. I am passionate about what is real and what we are blessed to have. Even if it is a living room that is currently the holding place for every piece of clean or dirty laundry.


Life Unscripted workbook, is created to teach you to breath and click. It is to teach you different perspectives and angles and show you how to achieve capturing a moment in any lighting situation that happens every day.

Here are a few things that are shared in this workbook:

  • Types of cameras/ Lens/ Setting
  • Using phone and computer apps
  • Lighting
  • perspective
  • Shooting areas
  • Telling a story
  • Printing/ Displaying Images
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Capturing Emotion
  • Locations
  • Seasonal Holiday Bucket List

Starting today, I am opening the store for a pre-sale CYBER SALE with the book being released on December 1. This is a digital PDF so it will be a file you download and yours to keep. You are welcome to get it printed so you can carry with you and make notes in it as you please. I am an old school soul, and love paper and pen!

I wanted to give you a way to spoil yourself and save some cash and offer a $10 savings today.


Pre- order your Life Unscripted Workbook today! (Click on that link) and use discount code CYBER SALE to save $10 off. Cyber sale is only available TODAY and then the workbook will go back to $99.


Here are a few screen shots to walk you through to the discount and check out page

After you select CHECKOUT, enter the promo code CYBER SALE


and then select PLACE ORDER.


Your order will process and on December 1, you will emailed a link to your Life Unscripted Workbook and Seasons and Holiday Bucket List.


*Note- This is a HUGE file size. You will receive a link to download and it will likely take a little bit to download depending on your internet speed, connection etc. I highly recommend downloading this from a computer and not a mobile device. If you want to read it on your mobile device I suggest uploading it to your own file sharing option of choice and then opening it from there after it is backed up on your computer. Also note that if you don’t give this time to download and click to many times your link will expire. Should that happen, please e-mail me and I will get you set up with a dropbox link.

This guide is copyrighted and may not be shared or transferred to another party. Once purchased, this is for you and you only.

Due to the digital nature of this content, there are absolutely no refunds. I appreciate your understanding. By purchasing you acknowledge this.

This guide is full resolution and you can certainly print it on your own. It is ONLY digital copy however. There is no hard copy or tangible version of this book. By purchasing this you will be reading it from either your computer or mobile device.