Know Thyself.

Interesting topic to explore. I was surfing Pinterest this evening to see what I could pin and give me another bullet on “things to do” list.
I came upon a photo that read “Know Thyself” that listed 25 questions for yourself to journal or ask yourself. It peaked my interest because I find peace in writing and some day it will be fun to look back on and see my answers.

I grabbed my journal and chose just a few questions to answer and I thought it would be perfect for this Mother’s Day to share this all with you as well in hopes that you will take some time for yourself and answer some questions. Maybe one day you too can look back on your answers and smile. Or one day, maybe, your children will collect your journals and read about you with no filters.

I chose to answer the following questions:

Who are you most inspired by? Why?

I am inspired by moms that look organized and have amazing decor styling. I have a few friends on my list that I just look up to when it comes to house decor and organization. I am inspired by moms that have peace in their life. I am inspire by moms that have children that have amazing fashion sense- moms that have amazing vintage styling and keep God in their family life.


If life stopped today, what would you regret not doing?

My big regret if my time came would not telling my family I love them more. It comes easier to say and express to the younger kids, but I know I don’t express my love enough to the teens or to my hubby or even to my parents. Not because I don’t love them-  I totally do!! But some reason, I feel like I am more protected of being rejected. No reasons why I would fear that.. maybe I just assume that they know. That is a ridiculous excuse, reason and feeling. I want them all to know that everyday I love them a million times more then they know.


What practical skills do you wish you had?

Oh this was a good question. I wish I had more of the “housewife” skills. Better at laundry and the desire to put on a smile and just take care of the laundry, dusting, cleaning. I also wish that I had the desire and patience to garden and get my hands dirty and learn how to live off the earth. I admire the moms that can grow food for their family and don’t mind bugs, dirt, plants and a little elbow grease!


What do you love to do for, or give to others (not an object – something from you personally)?

My favorite thing to give others is a handwritten note. I love beautiful stationary and I love to send a letter – just because. I think the art and heart over sending a handwritten note has expired generally in society, but with my favorite pen, some pretty paper and a stamp… and I am happy to send something along!


How do you want to be remembered in life?

I want to be remembered for having a loving and giving heart. I want others to remember that feeling they have in their heart from their relationship I had with them. I want to be remembered that I was a faithful child to God.


Know Thyself is a post from Misty Sansom where she is trying to help other find their purpose in their life. To read more about her and to see the other journal prompts, check out her website!