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If you are new to custom photography, you may have TONS of questions which some may be… What is custom photography? Why should I choose custom photography? Why does it cost so much more?

Here is a great link for you to get all your questions answered on Custom Photography

Make no mistake; I try to keep my work unique! I have a style of my own and it is somewhat unconventional and more lifestyle with a twist of documentary.  That being said, there are some things you may notice when looking at my work that is different from what you might be accustomed to.

Tight Crops This means super close close-ups where often the face fills most of the frame of the image. These images are about the eyes, and often the top of the head is not included in the image. I meant to do that!

Bigger Picture Part of telling the story is showing the scene. Even if that is a messy table or a room that is not organized. This is life.

Not-So-Smiley– So many of us have been brought up to believe that a smile is a requirement to make a great photo. So not true! I love a pensive look as much as a big grin. I meant to do that!

Be Negative– Negative space is when the client is placed off to the side of an image and the rest of the image is empty this is done for artistic impact.

Details As much as I love to share the space around my clients, I LOVE to share the details that are also around them. Blocks, paint, dirty toes, shoes, fingers, nose.. anything.



studio policies

 use of actFAQ’s

How long does the process take?

A custom session can take a few weeks to several months start to finish, depending on your schedule and my workload as well as the type of session requested. Studio sessions are usually completed within a few weeks and Storytelling and Pure Moment Films can take up to a month to complete.


How much does it cost?

Please see the investment page. Collections start at $450


What should I/we wear? How do I pick the right clothing?

I encourage my families to stay true to who they are and I am here to guide you through the selection. On request, I can send you an inspirational board after we book your session to discuss the goals of your overall look. There are a few things to avoid. Shirts with characters on them, pin stripes, socks (I know that sounds silly) and neon colors.


Where will our session be? Do you have a studio? What about sessions on location?

We will work together to determine the best location for your shoot, whether at my home studio, on the mountainside, or somewhere in the city. Once your session is booked, tell me more about the look and feel you want to have during your session and images and together we will find a location.


Do you provide digital images?

Yes, I do offer digital collections that are high- resolution images that come with a personal print release from that session.


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