I always feel so silly when I am asked to share things about myself. Kind of feels like the pressure is on and everyone is looking at you.  If you do not know me, my name is Jackie Charlebois {Shar-le-bwa}. I am a wife, a mom of five kiddos- 4 which are boys, a photographer, a christian, a chocolate lover and love my sweat pants. I am an introvert and love the comfort of my home. I am shy, goofy, a little squishy and I have learned that the older I get, the more my dance moves are not that smooth, but I can always make my kids laugh when I bust out in a song and dance.

I am a sucker for love, vintage things, flowers, sunshine, laughter, adventures, dates with my hubby and children,  and I get all gooey over new babies. Tiny little toes, the kissable feet, those sweet fine details of a new baby, and the smell of a clean baby, melts my momma heart. I love the sound of kids laughing, collecting their drawings, watching them imagine a marvelous world around them. I try to take my time when a little one wants to stop and smell the flowers or collect bugs along the way.

I am a lover of Jesus and I burst with happiness when I am in His glory. I try to see miracles and wonder in each day. Some days that wonder is just piles of laundry that keep collecting. Other days it is the simplest thing of just taking photos of people that want to be remembered. I love to write hand write letters, journal and give gifts. Ok, yes, I love to receive gifts also. True fact – chocolate cake makes me happy too.

I am sensitive and passionate and love to just love on others. I believe that the world does not show enough love and we need to keep passing that on. I enjoy sitting with my family as we look at old photos and laugh about moments passed. Old pretty tea cups make me smile and my heart swoons by simply laying in the sunbeams on the floor or gazing at the stars above.

I love capturing moments between mom and her baby/children as they snuggle together…. and watching a dad melt into pieces as he stares at his amazing God given miracle they had created or standing back to document that dad playing with his children.

..And before you know it, that once tiny little baby of yours is growing like a weed and walking around. Life to them is amazing and full of adventures. To be able to just be in that moment with a child and capture their innocence and wonderment of the world- can make you stop and take in the simple pleasures of what God has created for us.

I have enjoyed watching my kids grow before me and each day I am AMAZED how much they are growing up. They are growing faster than I would like them to- that is for sure. I think that is why I am so passionate about photography. I want to be able to just pause time and capture that sweet moment… that adorable look… that funny expression…..or that adorable morning bed head and daily routine.



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