I am not one to make New Year Resolution. I know that whatever I stated boldly would end miserably by day 4. Yes, I want to be healthy, skinny, amazing skin, have a kick ass marriage, and raise well mannered children. But that is my daily prayer every day. But having a new year is pretty exciting as it feels as though it gives us a chance to start over again. Truth is, every morning is that. A fresh start. Hopefully that fresh start doesn’t start with you climbing out of bed to stepping in a pile of cat vomit your kitty left in the middle of the night.

I did have a new heart as I started this new year out. I want to get to know God more, learn more about myself and live more in the truth. For photography too.

I have never been one to push my name out there, knock on doors, and even hand out cards. I am super terrible at promoting myself. I hate that feeling of a sales car person. Just not my personal strength. I have a huge passion for wanting others to document their everyday moments but have such a hard time verbally sharing that passion without that inside feeling that I am trying to SELL something. That is totally not my heart, but I very much do want others to enjoy the gift of documenting their and their children’s life.

I love having my own little home studio. It small but peaceful and perfect for babies. But my heart has continued to follow the direction of.. truth. Real raw moments. Lifestyle. Families and children as they are. I want to keep building that and offering my talents to keep offering families a way to document their moments. I want to help documents milestones, everyday bits of life, the ordinary and the not so ordinary. I want to capture love, life, chaos, romance, and childhood. And I want to be able to mix that in with video. To show you the beauty that surrounds you. Photographs are mementos that are priceless but to see a memory replay over and over again, showing details, playing the sounds of the moment… that is more than priceless.

For Christmas, hubby surprised me with a piece of equipment that I have been wanting for years. A fig rig. It is a stabilizer contraption that looks like a steering wheel. Giving me more support when I am filming and giving me freedom to run alongside children in motion.

This year, I will be focusing MORE on being there in YOUR life in YOUR surroundings. Together we will chat about your life and the moment you want to have captured. We can discover outside locations in the area and still do family portraits as before but I will be adding a more lifestyle touch to each session. And of course offering more video Pure Moment Sessions.

I LOVE babies – like never ending baby fever and I love everything that has to do with babies, but I have noticed and realized that now that my “babies” are older (sniff sniff), my photography has taken that lead and has become more focused on children and families. Of course, I am always more than happy to photograph and document your new little one, but instead of the studio setting with the organic creamy background and focus on sleepy baby; I will gather up my camera and lens and come document your new little one either at the hospital or in your home  – again with that lifestyle raw storytelling feel.

By the end of the month, I will have updated my website and pricing to reflect all the changes and until that is released, I would love to have some fun and offer a session special!

Pure Moment Video$250 will include a consultation questionnaire, 1 hour of shooting time, 10 digital images and a short completed video. Offer only available for January

Storyteller Session$175 will include 30 minutes of shooting time and 10 digital images. Offer only available for January.

This is probably my last session I will ever get with this amazing family. Sadly and yet, exciting, they are getting ready to plant new roots in a new home town over on the East Coast.

It has been so much fun watching this family grow and love from their first new baby to now. I truly am blessed to have such amazing families to photograph and document, but I do admit that this family really knows how to just have fun together, laugh, and make memories!


Recently they invited me over for some family time and breakfast. Here is a little Pure Moments Film of their morning together!


Rise & Shine with the Critchell’s from Jax Creations Photography on Vimeo.



I love making films for families and even for my own family. My kids will sit for hours watching their films and my clients films on the tv. I know this will be something that they will treasure for a very long time.

If you are a photographer and are interested in learning how to create your own films, I highly suggest Emily Mitchell’s class Everyday Films.

The class is full of information and is easy to follow. You can also find Emily on FACEBOOK