Christmas was coming and we knew that a baby would soon be here. The C family were expecting baby #5 any day and have been waiting patiently to see if they were going to hold a new baby girl or a new baby boy.

I was asked to document their birth as it had been a dream of this momma’s for a while. So I was thrilled when I was asked. There is nothing like witnessing a baby come into the world and seeing who amazing God made women to give life!

You can view their Pure Moments Film or keep reading to hear about the birth.

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This momma is a very strong woman. Labored for days. Weeks. News came daily that no progress had been made which if you had experience a long labor you know how hard that news is to accept. Your body feels terrible, pain comes and goes, nothing brings comfort.

On January 2nd I received a message that labor had finally stuck around and was moving pretty well. She had reached 5 cm. I jumped out of bed, excited and happy to meet this baby. I had my thoughts they were expecting a boy and I wanted to stand right along with them and cry with joy of a new baby. I arrived at her home just as the sun was coming up. The midwives were there, the kids were all awake and enjoying the company of their nana and gramma. Life was moving along and we were all excited to finally meet this little baby that was all snuggled up inside their momma.

Jax creations photography, birth, baby, maternity, birth photography, sandpoint, idaho

Hours had passed and although there was some progression, it still wasn’t as much as momma had hoped. You can see the stress and exhaustion over momma’s face. The hardest part about documenting a birth is feeling helpless. It is my nature to want to help in any way that I can. But I knew she was in good hands and I also knew that if I was needed for anything, she would have asked. Finally it was all agreed that what she needed most was to get complete rest. Everyone was to leave and just let her have her own space to move and sleep as she needed. The baby needed her to do that too. So, I packed up the gear, said a silent prayer and left to get some lunch.


A few hours had passed and as the evening came in, momma knew the best thing that she could do at the moment was to get out and walk. Since it is winter here in Idaho, the best place to walk would be the only store that doesn’t have closing hours – Wal-Mart. I decided to meet her there and document her walk around. I admit that I too have taken that pregnancy stroll, but I was not as smooth as she was. Again, I admire how strong this momma is. Half the time you couldn’t tell she was having a contraction, she would either just slowly walk or just hang her head. Once in a while there would be a moment where we would stop and just have to rest. Oh how my body could feel that pain for her!

After we spent some time walking the isles, we parted ways and I left her go back home to rest as I stayed close by waiting for her text that the contractions had sped up. Unfortunately her contractions stalled again and it wouldn’t be for another few days until she was able to meet her new son.

Jax creations photography, birth, baby, maternity, birth photography, sandpoint, idaho


January 7th. The morning was glorious. The most beautiful and clear sunrise. There she sat all snuggled in her bed, she was holding Mr. Thorin Phillip. 8 pounds and 13 ounces of baby! A handsome chuck of boy.

Jax creations photography, birth, baby, maternity, birth photography, sandpoint, idaho

Jax creations photography, birth, baby, maternity, birth photography, sandpoint, idaho


It was such an honor to be able to be a part of something so incredible. I love being able to watch my families grow and I love meeting all the new babies. Being able to create a Pure Moments Film for this family – for this moment if their life- was a gift. I hope that their kiddos enjoy watching it over and over again as much as I do.


Did You Know?! if you have a smart TV or even a Fire Stick or Ruku, you can download the app VIMEO and you can watch all the videos that Jax Creations Photography has- right there on your tv. It is the best way to watch your videos and share with family and friends. When you log in just search for Jax Creations Photography.

I have been in business a long time- longer than I care to admit because I started learning before there was so much information available at our finger tips. I struggled and climbed my way to this point in life from learning, growing and being able to watch families grow.

This momma, you might remember me telling you about her back when I share her maternity session.  For a quick update on how I got to meet her…. She was going into her last year of high school and I was hired to do her senior photos. From there and from a distance, I watched her grow into her own little family- marriage. She grew up.

I was thrilled beyond words when she shared her news of her pregnancy and even more thrilled when she asked me to capture and document her growing belly and her baby when he arrived. Nothing – besides my own kids- brings me joy than to watch families grow. It is crazy though to let your mind wonder and think – “wow- I first met you when you were in HIGH SCHOOL” and now I get to see her cradle her own baby.

Because this momma lives out of town, I had agreed to come see her when her little guy was born. It would be much easier for me to travel then to pack up everything to come see me. I always want to make sure that mommas and babies are the most happy and comfortable during their session and sometimes that means, I pack up my gear and come to you.

I felt like she had gone months over her due date- only because I was impatiently waiting for his arrival.  But finally the day came and the first thing I noticed when she shared the good news with me was the blonde hair that kissed his head. It is not often you get to see a baby with blonde hair but there he was all snuggle up with his momma- blonde hair, perfect curved nose and a birth mark so gracious placed on his head. I couldn’t wait to snuggle this little guy.

When they were settled at home, I packed up my gear and my hubby and we made our way to Seattle to capture his sweet little details.


Here is a sneak peek into her home newborn session.

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If you would like to see Ronan’s birth announcement video – check it out HERE



Sarai- my lady; my princess

~ Sarah or Sara was the wife and also the half–sister of Abraham and the mother of Isaac as described in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran. Her name was originally Sarai


I met her briefly through another friend – she was very pregnant, but she was still so full of energy, and nothing but baby. We passed a few times in passing and I always asked how she was feeling. It doesn’t matter how well I know you or not, I really love hearing how you momma’s are doing during your pregnancy. Maybe it is because I struggles during mine and just knowing someone could understand my situation was a blessing in some way.

I had mentioned to my friend that I wanted to capture another birth- I was in ankle deep of a baby itch and I so wanted to feel needed in some way during a birth – even if I was just the one fetching ice chips or trash pails. So the timing was perfect when this momma had asked me to be there to capture her birth story.

She was scheduled to be induced as her baby was super cozy where she was at, but as the original day past with no word, I figured labor had started and it was more stressful than she had planned which I would assume that having a near stranger in the room was more than a birthing mom would want. But I was so happy to hear that the induction was pushed to another day!

I received a text message on that morning to say she was admitted and hooked up to our evil baby pusher – pitocin. That stuff is just so mean. We kept in touch via text and I waited till she was at her mid way point in her laboring transitions. As 5pm rolled around I received another text that she was 5cc along and that was my cue to grab my camera, make sure the kids are taken care of and work my way to Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d’Alene Hospital. I was half way there when the message came that she was at a 7cc – holy wow- she was not laboring quickly… I reached the last traffic light on the highway when another text came through stating that her water broke. Ok, now I was just hoping I could park closely and make it to her room before baby starting crowning.

As I walked in, the nurses already had her bed broken down and ready for delivery and started her first contraction with a little push to see where baby was at. Well, she was ready to come with or without a patient doctor.

This momma had her momma near her and her gramma standing by watching with smiles. This was it – it was baby time!! This was the exciting part for me too – watching the dynamics change and everyone getting ready to meet and great baby. This miraculous being that has been growing for 9 months. Finally this momma gets to see all those adorable features she has been dreaming and thinking about.

Momma pushed a total of 3 times and that baby came out faster than I could believe. No time to really think about anything – suddenly she was here! And so beautiful. This momma rocked birthing like a pro!

Baby Sarai – gosh she was cute and strawberry blonde hair. She came out so fast that her little face was a little bruised but she was perfect. And a rolly little thing.

Here is a Pure Moment Film of Sarai’s BirthStory

Baby Sarai from Jax Creations Photography on Vimeo.


I am a lover of everything baby and if you are interested in having your BirthStory documented, please feel free to send me an email. Because I fully believe in giving my clients my full attention, I only accept 1 birth a month.

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A special guest blog post with Erika Musser from


Babymoon? What is a babymoon and why should I take one?
If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, then you should definitely consider a babymoon. I remember when I first got pregnant, everyone told me that our lives would never be the same and everything would revolve around the baby. My son is now 7 months old and there are four things that I have discovered:

• Alone time with my husband outside of the house is almost non-existent.

• When we do travel (even for the day), we feel like we’re packing for a week.

• Most of our travel revolves around feeding and nap schedules.

• If we do go on a date, babysitters are not cheap and it can be difficult to

completely enjoy yourself and not want to check in and make sure your child is ok.

This is what I’ve discovered and I only have one child. I could only imagine how much more planning and stress comes with multiple children. Now as a travel agent, travel is important to me so we will keep traveling even with obstacles, but you undeniably have to be willing to make the effort. Many families, understandably so, feel more comfortable staying closer to home for the first few years until the baby is older and it’s easier to travel.

Now what does this have to do with a babymoon? As explained above, since traveling is more complicated and alone time changes when you have children, a babymoon allows you to take advantage of traveling with ease, just you and your partner, to a destination near or far. It provides the opportunity to spend a romantic time away with your partner. For many, it is difficult enough to find time to be romantic with your partner but when you have children, it becomes even more difficult. Even if you’re not the romantic type, there are certain luxuries that may no longer be possible with children, (i.e., sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, a dinner without interruption). Whatever you and your partner enjoy doing, a babymoon is a sure way to make sure you get these luxuries and take the time to connect with your partner.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are taking this babymoon because you will soon have a new addition to your family. Yes, there are a lot of changes but they are changes that are necessary because of the needs of your wonderful baby. If you don’t remember this, you might resent the changes that come from a baby so don’t treat a babymoon as a way to hold on to your past life, treat it as a celebration of the life to come.

Don’t wait to take your babymoon. You want to go once mommy is feeling better and can enjoy herself but not so close to the labor that she’s starting to feel uncomfortable again. Learn from me. We waited until 3 months prior to the due date to take our babymoon. We booked a weekend away at Estes Park, CO and the weekend we were supposed to go away, we had terrible floods that closed all roads to our destination. What are the chances of that happening? By the time we got our money back, I was not only uncomfortable but we still had so much to prepare for, there was just no way we could get away and we were never able to enjoy a babymoon.

Final words of advice, make sure it is healthy for you and the baby to be travelling to your babymoon destination. We were going to go camping with some friends until someone else reminded us that the altitude was not good for the baby. We didn’t even think of that. Flights or sitting for extended periods of time also may not be healthy for mom or the baby or if you’re traveling to an international destination, you may need vaccinations. You even have to be careful getting massages. I highly recommend double checking with your doctor since it’s better to be safe plus they may have tips to help you enjoy your vacation even more. I would also recommend making sure wherever you travel has easy access to reliable, good medical facilities just in case.

Ideas for babymoons:

• All-Inclusive Resorts: Eat, relax, play while enjoying the company of other couples or just the two of you.

• Spa Getaway: There are many resorts that specialize in maternity and couples packages.

• Cruises: Stress free, plenty of time to relax and see multiple destinations for a great price (most cruise lines have a full medical staff and don’t let you sail after around 24 weeks).

Contact me today at (303) 656-5253 or email me at to plan your babymoon.

Written by Erika Musser – Travel Agent with Travel, Relax, Explore.



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Yes, I do believe in love at first sight. I have experienced that with my hubby and all of my kiddos and even new babies that I get to meet. Meet baby O. This sweet little guy took my breath away at first sight. His strawberry blonde hair, dimple in his chin, those adorable little eyebrows…. what a precious gift!


I had the pleasure of meeting his family one afternoon where I was able to snuggle and capture his peaceful personality. Here is a sneak peek into our session.


Jax Creations Photography, Colorado Newborn photography, Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Denver, baby




Jax Creations Photography, Colorado Newborn photography, Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Denver, baby





Jax Creations Photography, Colorado Newborn photography, Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Denver, baby

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy this summer, I would love to capture some moments of your family! Feel free to send an email to and say hello on Facebook or over on Google+